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Gratuity is not required but always appreciated for a job well done. 10 - 15% is the general rule of thumb.

If you are happy with your cleaning and choose to leave gratuity, please leave tip at your home on cleaning day.


Health and Safety

Due to health and safety reasons, we are unable to clean up human, pest (flea and rodent infestations, etc.) or pet waste and bodily fluids. We can recommend a company that is equipped to handle these situations. If we come into a home that requires this type of cleaning we will skip the affected rooms and discount the client accordingly. We do ask to be informed beforehand if this may be an issue.

We do not climb higher than a 3-step ladder. We do use extension poles for higher items that need dusting and cobwebbing.

Cleaning Techs are required to wear closed toed, non-skid shoes while cleaning. We are not able to provide service for "shoes off" households. We can wear booties.


3 Strike Policy

We understand that life happens. Things come up that you may not be able to plan for. For this reason, we have established a policy that allows for some wiggle room.


We require 2 business days notice to cancel an appointment without penalty.


There will be a 50% cancelation fee for the second occurrence.


If you do not give us this notification three times, service will be suspended.


This also applies to LOCKOUTS, meaning that we are not able to access your home on the scheduled day.


We strongly recommend and provide free of cost a coded company lockbox that can be installed in a discreet location on the exterior of the home. That way, there will be no incident of missing hide a keys, forgetting to leave the door unlocked, etc.


Schedules are always confirmed via text or email before initial service is started. Please note that Monthly cleanings run on an every 4 week rotation and depending on how the schedule falls, there will occasionally be 2 cleanings in one month. Please add the cleaning schedule to your calendar as we are not able to give courtesy reminder calls each time.


Additions and Amendments

Any changes to the Service to be provided must be agreed by QualiClean prior to the Service Time.


If the Customer requires any additional services or variations at the time the Service is being performed, the Customer must first contact QualiClean by telephone, who may agree to provide the additional services in its absolute discretion. The Cleaner is not authorized to agree to any changes to the Service being provided. The Customer must not request such changes directly from the Cleaner.


No Engagement of Cleaners

The Customer acknowledges QualiClean invests significant resources in recruiting, selecting and training its Cleaners. Unless QualiClean gives prior written permission, the Customer must not, directly or indirectly, engage, employ or contract with any Cleaner to provide domestic services to the Customer or any associate of the customer for any period during which services are provided by QualiClean or for a period within 12 months after the conclusion of any Service.


The Customer acknowledges that QualiClean may suffer loss and damage, including, without limitation consequential loss, as a result of a breach of this clause by the Customer.


Job Quotations

The actual price payable by the Customer is calculated on the total number of hours worked by the Cleaner.


Any price quoted by QualiClean is an estimate only based on QualiClean's experience, without inspection, and based on information provided by the Customer. Subject to this clause, quotes are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of the quote.


If at the commencement or during the course of providing the Service, it is apparent that the actual cost of the Service will exceed the quote provided by QualiClean, QualiClean will provide the Customer with the option to pay an increased fee to complete the Service, or pay the quoted amount without the Service being completed.


The Customer must inform QualiClean whether any cleaning services required are for an 'end of tenancy' at the time of quotation.


Late Payment Fee

Where QualiClean has agreed to invoice the Customer for payment of fees after the Service has been completed, the Customer agrees to pay in full, all fees due, within completion of services of the invoice date.


The Customer agrees that if QualiClean has not received payment in full for the Service within one calendar month of the original invoice date then a late payment fee of $15 applies for the first month. Interest will be charged on the fixed rate of 10% per annum on each day that any amount remains outstanding thereafter.


In addition to the amounts set out above, the Customer agrees to indemnify QualiClean for all legal costs (on a solicitor and own client or full indemnity basis, whichever is greater) and other expenses incurred by QualiClean in connection with a demand, action, or other proceeding (including mediation, out of court settlement or any action taken for recovery of debt from the Customer) arising out of a breach of these terms including the failure by the Customer to pay an amount by the due date.


Accidents, Breakage, Damage & Theft

The Customer must inform QualiClean of any incident where an accident, breakage, damage to property or theft has occurred due to any act of the Cleaner within 24 hours of completion of the Service.


To the extent permitted by law, the Customer is not entitled to claim any loss for any incident if the incident is not reported to QualiClean within 24 hours of completion of the Service.


To the extent permitted by law, damage or loss to the following items is specifically excluded from the liability of QualiClean under these terms and conditions: cash, jewelry, art, antiques, and items of sentimental value.


Changes to This Agreement

QualiClean reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, and may do so by publishing an updated agreement on its website. Each updated agreement will take effect 24 hours after it has been published on the website.

The Customer agrees that any use of the Service following any such change, whether as a single job or as part of a regular cleaning schedule, constitutes their agreement to follow and be bound by the terms and conditions as changed.


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